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NEDC Seagrove Centre is a registered charity, which is run by a voluntary Board of Directors.img_0037

Our ethos is to provide a nurturing service which encourages our members to develop their full potential by recognising individual needs and celebrating personal strength.

We are keen to involve as many people as possible in continually improving the service we provide to our Members.

We also strive to be open and accountable as possible in order to demonstrate best value and sound financial management, in line with good practices advised by Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).


“I’m delighted to be patron of the NEDC. The Seagrove Centre is such a fun place to be!AlanEdwards_180x250 A real community spirit fuelled by smiles, wit and plenty of fun activities – mixed of course with an unrivalled level of care for the members there. It really is a superb facility. “I look forward to my next visit and to get involved in some of the activities. Just don’t ask me to sing. You’ve never heard me do it on the radio and there’s a good reason for that! (Unless you provide autotuning technology!)”

Alan Edwards, DJ at Forth 2 Radio