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According to Alzheimer’s Research UK, Dementia is not a disease in itself. Dementia is a word used to describe a group of symptoms that occur when brain cells stop working properly.

There are different types of Dementia: Vascular, Frontotemporal, with Lewy Bodies, Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes, different forms can occur together.


Photo: The Prime Minister Officer (Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.o)


Dementia is a growing problem in the modern society, with huge human and economical costs.


Photo: The Prime Minister Officer (Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.o)


In case yourself, or someone that you know, has received a diagnosis of Dementia you can find below a few keys resources that can get you started.

Social Care Institute for Excellence (Scie)

Scie is an independent charity and supporting agency. It’s website has a very rich resources section where you can find practical and accessible information based on research and best practice guidance. Among them SCTV Films, a series of film exploring the experiences of people with dementia and the people who support them.

Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK)

If you are interested in the latest news about the research on Dementia, the Dementia research charity ARUK has an online website updated with the latest developments from the laboratories across the world.

Alzheimer Scotland

In Scotland, for information about local services and support groups it is useful; among other things, it is possible to download for free the magazine “Dementia in Scotland”, a quarterly publication that covers every aspect of dementia in Scotland, from major policy issues such as the law for adults with incapacity and the cost and availability of services, through research and news about new developments to personal experiences of dementia.