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Leith Rotary Donation

In our daily life at Seagrove we want to engage our members, stimulate and entertain them. To do so, we provide a range of different activities, like arts and crafts, quizzes and games. To keep renewing the activities that we offer to our members,  we rely on donations. For this reason we want to thank Leith Rotary for… Continue reading Leith Rotary Donation

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Donations, Updates

We have got it! The Leith Benevolent Association Award!

NEDC is a charity, and as such applications for fundings are an important way to try to gain sustenance for the running of the service. Sometimes we are unsuccessfully, and sometimes we nail it. This time we need to celebrate: we have been awarded £2000 from the Leith Benevolent Association to use for our daily activities with… Continue reading We have got it! The Leith Benevolent Association Award!