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Jimmy and Cathie: life story books

Who wouldn’t like to have a well written and illustrated account of their life? As part of the ongoing life story project, here at the Seagrove centre we offer reminiscence sessions during which the journalist Rosalind Gibb works with individual members recalling their life stories from birth to date. These stories are then captured in… Continue reading Jimmy and Cathie: life story books

Photo by Artis Rams (CC BY-ND 4.0)
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NEDC Highs of 2016 :)

Seagrove reflects life as it comes along, just like us all, there have been some real highs and some lows too. As the lows are part and parcel of life, let me concentrate on the best of the highs: We have had new members, staff and volunteers come along. All of whom enrich the service.… Continue reading NEDC Highs of 2016 🙂