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    According to Alzheimer’s Research UK, Dementia is not a disease in itself. Dementia is a word used to describe a group of symptoms that occur when brain cells stop working properly. There are different types of Dementia: Vascular, Frontotemporal, with Lewy Bodies, Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes, different forms can occur together.   Photo: The Prime Minister Officer (Licensed under… Continue reading Useful Resources

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Our brand new Flyer: “Living with early onset dementia”

Hello folks, back in December we announced the launch of our early onset dementia service here at Seagrove. Now we have just got a brand new flyer (Early onset service pdf), and we are handing it out in Edinburgh. Here we have got a digital version of the flyer, and we would greatly appreciate if you could… Continue reading Our brand new Flyer: “Living with early onset dementia”