Comments from Carers

We carry out every year a survey to help us to improve the service. Here you can have a look at a representative sample of the feedbacks about our activities from 2015 questionnaire for relatives, friends and other non paid carers of our members.

“Staff very helpful and cheerful! R. has improved in his general well-being since he has been in Seagrove, it gives him a meaning to keep going on and he is very happy which is wonderful. It has improved his life these few years. We are very grateful for the wonderful service Seagrove provides!”

Alice A.

“No complaints, 1st class service!”


“I have been very impressed with the centre and service you provide. My visit to the centre was very helpful to give me the assurance that all is in great shape and a very well run centre. In fact I was very pleased that the centre exceeded my expectations. So a big thank you and […]

Douglas M.

“M. really enjoys visiting Seagrove and can’t wait for the bus arriving. M. enjoys bringing home her artwork and flower arrangement. Thank you very much.”

John B.

“What I really like is the staff and members smiling and laughing when I come in. I do appreciate your wit and sense of humour!!!”

Marie W.

“I would be over the moon and feel I would have no problem putting N. into respite at Seagrove. He looks forward to going to the day centre. The change in N. when he is going to Seagrove is unbelievable […] I am so grateful to all the staff there for giving me this time […]

Mary G.

“I know dad valued the time spent at The Seagrove, he was always happy to go. Personally I was very grateful to the centre. Both for the care and concern they showed to dad and for the respite the two mornings [for week] he spent with you gave to my mother. Thank you.”

Noreen S.

“Think you provide an excellent service for both attendees and cares. Thank you.“

Susan S.

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