Comments & Feedback


At NEDC we pride ourselves on utilising a person centred approach to care and we are always striving to provide an excellent, stimulating and supportive service for our members and carers. Each year we therefore carry out an annual survey to assist us in improving our services.

Here you can have a look at some of the feedback we received from our 2018 questionnaire. We are pleased to report that we had a 90% response rate this year and we received some wonderful feedback from our members and carers, as detailed below.


Members Annual Survey Results 2018

  • 92% of our members said they enjoyed attending NEDC and 8% said they ‘didn’t know.’
  • 85% of our members said there was nothing more they wanted at NEDC.
  • 96% of our members said they were always treated with dignity and respect at NEDC.
  • 87.5% of our members said they felt they could ask staff/volunteers for help if needed and 12.5% said they were ‘didn’t know.’
  • 88% of our members said all their needs were being met at NEDC. 1 member said their needs were met ‘sometimes’ and 5 members said they ‘didn’t know.’
  • 86% of our members gave us 5/5 for overall service provision and 14% gave us 4/5.


Carers Annual Survey Results 2018

  • 87% of our carers said they felt supported, respected, valued and listened to by NEDC.
  • 87% of our carers said they felt the transport we provide is carried out within a reasonable timescale.
  • 95% of our carers said they felt we met the 4 hours of day care promised.
  • 93% of our carers said they are happy with the amount of activities available at NEDC.
  • 98% of our carers said they were happy with the overall support they received from NEDC.
  • 90% of our carers gave us 5/5 for overall service provision and 10% gave us 4/5.

“Margaret returns home from Seagrove a brighter, happier, more stimulated lady”

Mr C.

“Seagrove staff provide an excellent service. Thank you for all your hard work!”

Mr H.

“My mum loves coming to Seagrove, she enjoys the company and it is good for the family to know she is safe and happy while there. Thanks “

Mr H.

“NEDC have been fantastic in my opinion. Very accommodating and go the extra mile when required. Very grateful to all the staff”

Mr T.

““I appreciate your job and the services you provide are challenging. However, I would like to commend your organisation for putting together staff to be very proud of. Thank you so much for your care and patience with mum“

Mrs B.

“I’m really happy to come to my club, staff excellent, helpful, supportive”

Mrs D.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the staff who do a really amazing job. My mum LOVES coming to Seagrove and adores the staff. I think it’s the one place where she feels truly relaxed and where all responsibilities are lifted. Coming to Seagrove has enriched mum’s… Continue reading Mrs S.

Mrs S.

“Great club, my mum is so happy coming to the club, huge weight of my mind as she doesn’t go out anymore so having the club helps a lot. Her mood has changed since coming, much happier and content. Thanks to all the staff”

Mrs W.