Time for Carers

A large number of our Members have close family or friends as their carers. Here at Seagrove, we recognise this can sometimes be particularly stressful or difficult. We therefore hold monthly ‘Time for Carers’ meetings at our centre.

These meetings are very informal, supportive and informative, and are available to all. They are held alternatively in the mornings and evenings at the Seagrove Centre.

Support is also available outside of these meetings as and when required, either by phone, email or by visiting our centre.

Everyone is welcome, so if you have not been before, please come along and join us. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet other carer’s, share information and obtain advice, help and support. Please contact us on 0131 553 7147 for information on dates and times of our ‘Time for Carers’ meetings.