What Do We Offer? (bp)

Our core business is concentrated on people with a diagnosis of dementia. The service is articulated in two area:

1) day care for people with dementia over 65 years old

2) early onset, for people with dementia but under 65 years old.

Following you can find a description of both services:


Day care over 65 years old

‘A six day service, Monday to Saturday, with 132 places per week (22 people per day), fifty one weeks of the year.’

We offer fun and interesting activities based on what members say they want to
do. We do this by getting to know the members and their carers as friends. 140316-1-027

Ongoing support takes in all things about the members health and well-being and their needs and wishes too.

We take a ‘whole person approach’ to caring for our members and any concerns are reported to family and or their GP for actions.

Benefits for members include: 
• A bus to/from the centre;
• A light breakfast on arrival;
• Meeting other people;
• Taking part in fun pastimes;
• Followed by a hot two course meal.

There are sometimes outings big and small, and also we have entertainers come in too.

We currently offer additional specialist services for which there is may be an  additional ch_TGM1891arge.

These are:
• An in house chiropody service
• A visiting Hairdresser
• A well person clinic

Early onset dementia

Alongside our core service we now offer an early onset service. The service is tailored by negotiation to meet your specific needs. It is based at the centre, however activities of your choosing will mainly take place outside/at other venues, e.g. swimming, golf, help with computing, attendance of day classes etc.jet-collage

We will be flexible to meet your needs. The staff/volun
teers will support you individually or in small group of 2/3 to undertake activities: gardening, computing, golf, snooker photography, bus trips etc.



Anyone who has a diagnosis of early onset dementia and is from Edinburgh/ the Lothians and who is in receipt of direct payments in respect of their day care, or would like to pay the cost from their personal income.


On application to Seagrove (Light meals, transport, company, support for a minimum of 4 hour are included in the price).

To see if you are eligible for direct payment it is advisable to seek independent financial advice . Some services that can aid you with that are: Citizen Advice Bureau, City of Edinburgh Council (Health and Social service department), Social Work Department , LILh or Vocal.

This is a great opportunity to make friends/ be supported by someone who respects and understands you, and who enable you to“get out and about”.

If you would like to “try before you buy” contact us for a free trial session.