Rita Crombie – Member (bp)

As a Leither I have known about Seagrove since it started, but it was only when I visited with a friend who had been offered a place that I was able to see for myself that all the good things I had heard were true! I was so grateful that such an amazing place existed, and knew my friend, and her complex needs, would be well catered for.

I was delighted to be asked to come back as a volunteer, and very honoured indeed to be invited to be a Board Member. I have had a lot of experience dealing with relatives and friends with dementia, but I have learned so much more from being involved at Seagrove.

I spent my life in Education, in the Primary 1-3 area, until I gave up to care for my Mum. I went on the Supply list and then had 13 happy years covering everything from Nursery to Primary 7 and for me, the happiest area of all, being the first port of call for an Autistic Unit in a local school. I realised quickly at that time that the “Early Years” skills were very adaptable to all areas, and I think that has helped me at Seagrove too. Wee ones have a lot of the same needs as those of us at the other end of the spectrum!

In my spare time I am very involved with Leith Festival which is a huge commitment, as we start planning in June for the next year as soon as the Festival is over. My other commitment is to the Brunton Theatre but happily as an audience member!